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Walk Behind Sweeper 

Lavor SWL 700 Battery Sweeper

Walk Behind Sweeper -SWL 700 ET


Lavor SWL 700ET (Battery) & ST (Petrol) Walk Behind Floor Sweepers are ideal for sweeping medium to large areas both indoors & outdoors and handle bulky debris and fine dust thanks to a heavy duty sweeping & dust control system fitted to both models. Ideal for use as a warehouse sweeper for daily cleaning and superb as a car park and pavement sweeper.

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Key Features & Benefits:

  • Large Filters with electric filter shaker (ET model) or manual shaker (ST model)
  • Side brush raising control
  • ON/OFF Vacuum Suction switch for use in dry or wet conditions
  • Front Flap for picking up bulky material easily
  • Panel filter in horizontal position for maximum dust control & efficiency
  • Main Broom pressure setting for optimum performance & extended brush life
  • Easy no Tool brush change to remove debris from brush & easy low cost replacement
  • Long life elastic belt drive for maximum reliability
  • Fully Adjustable operator controls for safe and easy working
  • Traction Lever for speed control
  • Antistatic electric shock system for total operator safety
  • Wide collector bin for maximum sweeping time between emptying
  • Heavy Duty Steel chassis for machine durability
  • Side brush Lever for ON/OFF 
  • Maintenance FREE Battery & Smart Charger for extended battery life & safely
  • Petrol Version - Reliable Honda 4HP efficient engine.

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