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the Dynamic 45B Scrubber dryer - packs a big punch for a compact machine.    

17 inch battery scrubber dryer hire
dynamic 45B Lavor Scrubber dryer

Powered by heavy duty maintenance free 24V batteries, the Dynamic 45B runs for up to 3 hours non-stop covering an area up to the size of 8 tennis courts. 

The wrap around squeegee system allows the machine to operate in confined spaces with a narrow width (540mm) for easy access through doorways. A very simple to use control panel with one button cleaning makes is easy for staff to use, with an intelligent control panel that lets you know if theres a machine fault to rectify potential problems quickly.

The Eco Scrubbing system is designed to save energy and cut your cleaning costs by using less water and detergent - very clever!

The Modern Wedge shape design is not just for show, the dirty tanks slope forward for easy clean out, to help the operator keep the machine clean for the next shift. A large lid on the dirty solution tank allows the cleaner clean out the machine with a bucket or hosepipe to help keep the machine run like new on every clean.

Low maintenance costs are the result of the Dynamic Scrubber using 35% less moving parts than other 45cm floor scrubbers. Less working parts means better reliability too.

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 Features & Benefits

  • The Dynamic 45 has an operating width of just 450mm (17 inches) ideal for confined areas
  • Automatic Brush attachment for easy use
  • Great machine for anti-slip floors, tiled floors, terrazzo, marble, concrete, linoleum, resin
  • Curved Squeegee system for drying in tight turns for safer floors
  • Simple controls for low operator training
  • Eco Mode for low cleaning costs with 50% saving on water and energy consumption
  • The ideal small battery scrubber for contract cleaners & cleaning professionals

Technical Specification

  • Scrubbing width: 450mm
  • Squeegee width: 540mm
  • Brush Speed: 150 rpm
  • Brush Pressure: 18kg
  • Solution tank capacity: 30L
  • Recovery tank capacity: 35L
  • Power sources: 240V Mains & 24V Battery power
  • Cleaning rate per hour: 1600m/2

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