Dry Vacuum Cleaners , Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

So what makes a quality vacuum cleaner? Power, air suction & Depression = Vacuum efficiency. - Achieving the right balance between motor power (W) watts, Air Suction (l/sec) & depression (kPA or mbar), makes for a highly energy efficient powerful vacuum cleaner. All our range of vacuum cleaners carry high energy rating efficiency to benefit the users experience.

Fixed or Tilting Trolley? - Generally, tilting trolley is more useful to collect dust & debris to make it easy for emptying. Fixed trolleys are better for liquids because our wet & dry vacuums are equipped with a drain hose for fast removal of liquids making it easy & simple for the operator.

What kind tank material is preferred? - Our vacuum range consists of plastic (polypropylene or PP) & stainless steel tanks. PP tanks are flexible, shock proof & resistant to chemicals. Stainless steel tanks are rigid and resistant to mechanical abrasion and more aesthetically agreeable, generally used on static vacuums  or applications with abrasive materials.

Types of Filters used?  - Paper filters for dry dust & general office vacuums. Cloth filters ideal for re-use and when used in nylon material designed for longer life. Cartridge Filters made with envelopes designed in a circular shape for more surface filtration in a smaller space. HEPA filters to filter fine dust at 99.97% efficiency to 3 microns. Multipurpose washable filters for using in wet & dry conditions at the same time. 

Filter Shaker - Some of our heavy duty range have self cleaning filter shakers that clean the filters without touching eliminating the need for the operator to manually clean making vacuuming simpler and cleaner for the user.

dry vacuum cleaners

Dry Vacuum Cleaners

FR Silent Dry Vacuum Cleaner - FREE UK Delivery

£ 105 

The FR Silent Dry Vacuum Cleaner is surprisingly light and durable. Simple to handle & operate the FR Vacuum is ideal for daily office cleaning duties and around the home. The FR Silent Vacuum has a low noise output making it perfect for nursing care homes, hospitals, doctors surgeries, Vetinary surgeries and all other noise sensitive enviroments. Buy the FR Silent online with FREE UK Delivery. Price Excludes VAT.

Whisper V8 Professional Ultra Silent Vacuum Cleaner

£ 129 

The Whisper V8 Ultra Silenced vacuum cleaner delivers high efficiency from an ultra silenced single stage motor with 2 stage paper & cartridge filttration. Fitted with a full collector filter indicator, complete with accessories, and 15m power cable. The shock proof design of the Whisper Vacuum cleaner ensures long life durability. Prices excludes VAT.