Reconditioned Ride on Industrial Sweeper 

Used Ride on industrial sweeper - Compact 1150B Rider sweeper


used ride on sweeper Eureka Compact 1150 B


Eureka Compact 1150 B Industrial ride on Sweeper 

The Eureka Battery powered ride on industrial sweeper has a sweeping path of 1150mm  and will sweep debris and control dust covering a large area of up to 7,800 sq/m per hour making it ideal for medium to large facilities in any industrial cleaning application where dust control and good housekeeping practices are vital.

Fitted with large 24V traction batteries the machine will run for up to 5 hours and cover an huge area of over 32,000 square meters on a full battery cycle. 

The sweeping system has a self levelling main broom to work on uneven floor surfaces with anti shock side brushes for superior edge cleaning ideal for working within racking aisles. 

The Compact 1150 B ride on sweeper can turn in a radius of just 1000mm making it ideal for confined spaces and narrow racking aisles where larger ride on sweepers cannot manoeuvre.

The Eureka Compact 1150 Sweeper has large dust filters to allow the sweeper to operate in the dustiest of environments 




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