Steam Cleaning - FAQ's

What is a Steam Cleaner? A steam cleaner is an appliance that uses a little water and a little electricity to sanitise, clean and deodorise virtually any surface - without the need for detergents.

How does it work? Using only a small amount of clean, cold tap water, a steam cleaner creates a low moisture vapour that carries heat to the surface you wish to treat. The heat combined with light agitation does the work. In combination with a wide variety of accessories it can be used on an unlimited number of applications.

What is "Dry Steam Vapour" (DSV) - Steam is called "dry' if it contains around 5% to 6% water and is much less dense than the air we breath. It is mess free with temperature high enough to kill bacteria and germs, emulsify grease and oil, as well as other surface contaminates. The result: A completely hygienic and dry surface.

What can I use it on? Dry steam cleaning can be used on practically any surface, with the exception of those surfaces that are extremely heat sensitive. Surfaces such as silks, some very thin plastics, and some types of velour upholstery must be treated with great care.

Where does the water go? The water is put into a special tank or boiler that super heats the water and changes it into hot dry steam.The unique benefit of our cleaning systems is that they produce a lower moisture, high temperature steam that carries only about 6% of water. We like to call this dry steam because little water is left behind and so little is used

Do I need detergents in combination with steam? In most cases you do not need detergents. Within the Matrix dry steam technology range  the highest results are maintained without detergent in almost every common cleaning activity. However, we acknowledge the fact that in some cases the cleaning process can be accelerated through the use of detergent combined with steam. Therefore, we offer a range of steam cleaning machines that have a separate detergent facility, and recommend that only approved detergents be used based on the advice we offer.

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