Small Battery Scrubber Dryer - Lavorpro Quick 36 (E) Electric (B) Battery powered 

The Lavor Quick 36 is a versatile small scrubber dryer available in mains power (Model 36E) and 12V battery power (model 36B), making it one of our most popular scrubber dryer machines. Ideal for cleaning floor areas up to 2,000 sq.m the battery powered Quick runs for up to 2 hours on a full battery charge making it perfect for use in large retail premises, convenience stores, small industrial facilities and industrial premises where confined spaces require daily and deep cleaning. Our mains powered machine offers infinite run time for larger areas and areas with 240V power access. Simple controls with a built in charger (Battery version) make it an easy machine to use for short term or long term hire. The Quick 36 scrubber dryer is a competitively priced machine to buy with low annual maintenance.

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Lavor Quick 36B battery Scrubber Dryer Video:

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