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Electric Scrubber Dryer - Lavor Crystal Clean Hot Water Scrubber dryer & multi surface cleaner.

The Lavor Crystal Clean is a compact multi surface floor cleaner with a patented hot water scrubbing system to clean any hard floor or carpet area. Ideal for small office & reception areas, hotels, care homes,gym changing room areas, laboratories, schools and tight spaces. The hot water system cleans all hard floor surfaces to the highest standards with a squeegee system that dries the floor in both directions, making it ideal for cleaning under benches, tables and chairs in cafe areas and restaurants. The Crystal clean cleans any hard floor or carpet and offers unbeatable value and performs as good as any multi surface cleaner currently available on the market. Comes complete with hard floor brush, carpet brush, squeegee kit and concentrated floor detergent.

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Mains Scrubber Dryer - LavorPro Crystal Clean

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Crystal Clean Key Features & Benefits

  • The Crystal clean has an operating width of just 320mm (12.5 inches) ideal for confined areas
  • 90 C Hot water cleaning system for superior cleaning results on all hard floor surfaces
  • Great machine for anti-slip floors
  • Double Squeegee system for drying in both direction for safer floors
  • Low handle rake for cleaning under obstacles with only 200mm height clearance ideal for cleaning under tables, benches and chairs.
  • Low noise output for use in noise sensitive areas and ideal for use at any time in the day
  • Carpet cleaning brush makes it ideal for cleaning carpets in any confined areas and hallways.

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