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Fimap MAgna | POwerful Scrubber Dryer

Fimap Magna


Fimap’s MG Ride on Industrial Scrubber Dryers, are designed for medium to large commercial, retail and industrial applications where heavy duty machines are required.

The Mg ride on scrubber dryers come in conventional disk brush and cylindrical brushes that sweep scrub and dry in a single pass. The Mg floor scrubbers are powered by heavy duty 36V batteries to offer a full shift of heavy duty cleaning performance and clean up to 6,270 m2 per hour making it ideal for heavy duty cleaning in warehousing & distribution centres, large manufacturing plants, shopping centres, exhibitions centres, railways stations, airports, universities, delivering the highest cleaning results.

Cleaning widths are offered from 75cm-100cm with simple controls for the operator and convenient features such as chemical metering systems, quick fill system, and eco mode designed to save time and money on daily cleaning tasks

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Technical Specification

  • Cleaning Path - 90 cm
  • Squeegee Width - 110 cm
  • Battery Power - 36 V
  • Run Time - > 5 Hours 
  • Cleaning Performance - 8,000 sq.m2/hr
  • Solution Tank - 190 L
  • Dirty Water Tank - 200 L
  • Scrub Decks - Cylindrical / Disk 

Accessories : Optional Extras 

Reverse Camera, Anti Collisions System, Spray Wand Attachment, Vacuum Hose Attachment, Full Safety Lighting Kit, Overhead Guard Protection, Bumper Protection System, Side Brush