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Lavor SWL R 1100 Industrial Ride on Sweeper 

Ride on Sweeper - SWL R 1100 Battery Sweeper

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We had a clear vision of the perfect Industrial Sweeper ; a ride on sweeper that merged design and functionality, that combines optimum dust control and sweeping performance.  A machine that is simple to use and durable as possible. A ride on industrial sweeper for those who think that "less is better" is the way to go when buying or hiring a sweeper.

The result of this vision was to select the Lavor SWL R 1100 ET, a ride on battery powered sweeper, a high quality low maintenance machine fit for purpose in any industrial cleaning application. Stable and responsive, it is a pleasure to drive - with all the built in features for the operator to feel completely safe in busy warehouses, manufacturing plants , car parks & anywhere you need an effective sweeper cleaner.  

The SWL 1100 is built to last, with a tough dual channel steel frame, heavy duty wheels and powerful vacuum system, plus other high quality components. The latest R&D technology makes the SWL 1100 hard to break, controlling dust and debris in the most challenging environments.

The SWL R 1110 will be your perfect industrial Sweeper for many years to come without asking anything in return, apart from a little love and attention. 

Technical Details

Main Brush Width : 800mm
Main Brush + 1 Side Brush : 1050mm.  
Main Brush x 2 Side Brushes : 1300mm
Collector Bin Capacity : 115L
Cleaning Productivity per hour : 9,200 m2/hr ( 104,410 sq.ft2/hr)
Traction Drive System/ Maximum Ramp Gradient : Front Wheel Drive / 12%
Max Speed : 7.5 Km/hr
Power Source : Battery Version : 24V    Diesel Option : Yanmar 6.7 HP
Dust Control System:  6 x Canister filters with self cleaning filter shaker
Filter Capacity : 6.4 m2 (Class Leading Filter performance)

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