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SWL 1000 Industrial Ride on Sweeper 

 Industrial ride on sweeper hire
Hire the SWL 1000 Industrial Ride on Sweepe r 

Designed to tackle challenging cleaning applications, the SWL 1000 industrial ride on sweeper is available to hire for short medium and long term.  The SWL 1000 is our most popular ride on industrial sweeper for hire, thanks to the simple controls, making it so easy to use with minimal operator training. The powerful dust control system will capture high levels of dust for dust free sweeping even in the toughest cleaning environments. The main brushes are capable of sweeping up medium to large debris depositing the waste into the rear hopper bin. 

Available in Battery or Petrol Power For Indoor & Outdoor Floor Sweeping Duties.

Ride on Sweeper Hire

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Key Features
 SWL 1000 Ride On Sweeper 
  • Maximum Area Coverage From A Full Charge : 24,500 m2.
  • Batteries : 24V Maintenance Free
  • Charger : 240 Volt 25 Amp with UK 13 Amp Plug.
  • Time to Charge Batteries : 6-8 hours
  • Working Width : up to 115cm
  • Collects : Leaves, Fine Dust, Dry Bulky Debris, Litter, Paper
  • Weight: 350kg (with Batteries included)
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Electric Filter Shaker System with Self Cleaning Filters
  • Large Collection Bin with easy Emptying Tray
  • Heavy Duty Chassis & Design
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