Compact Ride on Scrubber Dryer

LavorProComfort XXS Micro Scrubber.

The Comfort XXS micro scrubber cleans 50% more floor space than a typical walk behind scrubber for the same price.

The compact and simple design of the Comfort xxs ride on floor scrubber makes it an important cleaning machine for professional cleaners operating daily maintenance and deep cleaning, especially where cleaning costs reduction is vital. The overall dimensions of the XXS micro rider, allows it to access all areas where a walk behind floor scrubber typically works with less footprint making it ideal for edge cleaning in narrow corridors and working through standard UK doorways thanks to its slimline design. Detergent metering makes the XXS super cost effective for every square meter of cleaning to ensure low cost cleaningThe powerful scrubbing system delivers up to 32Kg of brush pressure to tackle heavy grime in any industrial or commercial environment.

Key Features & benefits

  • Rear Wheel Drive for maximum stability, excellent on high gradient ramps & better battery efficiency consumption for longer run times between charging
  • Large 180 Ah 24 Volt batteries for up to 4 hours continuous use
  • Built in automatic charger 
  • Available with twin brush or pad drive boards with a large selection of brush/pad options
  • Simple user controls with speed control all built into an ergonomic F1 style steering wheel
  • Chemical Metering system fitted as standard for lower cleaning costs in use & superior cleaning performance
  • Large open port for easy dirty tank cleaning making it ideal in food processing plants, pharmaceutical industries and healthcare
  • Compact dimensions with less footprint than a walk behind scrubber dryer offering excellent manoeuvrability in confined areas and walkways
Micro ride on scrubber dryer comfort xxs

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