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Lavor Comfort XXS 66 
Micro Ride on Scrubber Dryer

Micro ride on scrubber dryer comfort xxs



The compact design and footprint dimensions of the XXS 66 Micro Ride on Scrubber, make it the most versatile floor cleaner in our range that can be used in any cleaning application, where maneuverability and cleaning performance are critical.

With the operator sat safely and comfortable the XXS offers excellent working visibility. All machine functions are controlled from the formula one style steering wheel, making it very easy to use with minimal training and effort required.

Machine dimensions allow for the XXS 66 to clean up to 50% more floor space per hour and access more areas than a large walk behind scrubber, thanks to a smaller footprint.

Larger capacity solution and recovery tanks allow for extended cleaning times between emptying and refilling ideal for cleaning larger floor areas within narrow aisles in warehousing applications.

The XXS will pass through a standard UK doorway making it ideal for use in commercial, retail  leisure, education, industry and healthcare.

Self leveling twin scrub decks can be fitted with a wide selection of brushes or pads to work on all types of hard floor surfaces.

The Micro rider uses the very latest in design innovation and technology making the XXS eco friendly thanks to the Eco energy button to reduce energy output without compromising machine performance, and the detergent metering system fitted as standard to control and minimise detergent use 

The Squeegee design offers outstanding drying performance ideal for use in busy cleaning environments and daytime cleaning. 

Heavy duty batteries allow for up to 4 hours of continuous use when needed for deep cleaning duties or stripping and resealing larger floor areas.


Power : 24 V heavy Duty Maintenance Free Batteries

Charger : 24v 15 amp built in charger

Scrub Width: 66cm 

Brush Deck : Twin ( 2 x 33 cm) Brushes or Pad Holders

Squeegee Width : 85 cm

Brush/Pad Pressure : 32 kg

Cleaning Rate per Hr: 3,230 square meters per hour

Maximum Battery Run time: Up to 4.5 hours 

Solution Tanks : 85L

Recovery Tanks : 90L

Traction Power : Rear Wheel Drive /400 W

Automatic Detergent Metering System Fitted as Standard.

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