Ride on battery powered scrubber dryer - lavorpro xS 75/85 UP floor Scrubber 

Ride on scrubber Dryer-XS 75 UP

see the excellent XS 75/85 Scrubber Dryer in action. watch theVideo:

Ride on Scrubber Dryer - XS 75/85 UP 24 V Battery powered Scrubber Dryer

The Lavorpro XS75/85 UP ride on scrubber dryers offer two base models with 75cm & 85cm cleaning paths in a compact design with maximum productivity from a medium range ride on scrubber dryer. Fitted with non marking traction tyres offering safety and stability the XS range of ride on floor scrubbers can be used with twin brushes or pads for use on all types of hard floor surfaces, including painted floors, concrete floors, terrazzo, marble floors, stone floors and linoleum flooring.

All safety features such as built in reverse bleeper and flashing beacon with a drivers safety seat ensures safe operation and full protection to the operator.

The sleek design features of the XS 75 & 85 ride on floor scrubbers provide large solution tanks in a compact designed machines offering excellent manoeuvrability and unrivalled productivity for a medium sized scrubber dryer. Extended run times between refills thanks to the solution control system, designed to precisely control the right amount of cleaning solution to the floors, guarantees efficiency in any floor cleaning operation.

Heavy duty 24 V batteries and a tough steel frame offer durability and reliability for machine longevity and performance. The XS models are  fitted with heavy duty traction motors with stability and variable speed control to tailor the machine to any floor scrubbing task. The heavy duty scrubbing system offers up to 50kg of constant scrub brush pressure for heavy duty cleaning tasks making it ideal for industrial applications such as warehousing and manufacturing facilities. The powerful vacuum system on the XS models leave floors instantly dry and streak free leaving floors clean and safe in busy applications where safety is paramount.

Ride on scrubber dryer XS 75 UP

Lavor Pro XS 75/85 UP 24V Battery powered ride on floor scrubber dryer, versatile for use in most industrial, commercial, retail and leisure facilities where performance and productivity are important to the daily cleaning activity.

Built to last,the XS75/85 Scrubber dryer has full squeegee adjustment without tools to ensure instantly dry floors on all hard floor surfaces. Quick and easy squeegee blade replacement without tools makes the XS75/85 easy to live with, and offers low maintenance costs in use.

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