Fimap MMG Ride on Scrubber Dryer

the intelligent floor scrubber

Fimap's New MMG Ride on Scrubber Dryer incorporates advanced technology to make cleaning easy, interactive and intelligent.

The MMg is the most advanced Fimap Scrubber dryer machine ever built, with increased productivity and the very best cleaning results possible. The New MMg Scrubbing machine is ideal for any daily cleaning operation within the industrial, commercial, retail, healthcare, leisure and education sectors, making it the most versatile ride on scrubber machine for any professional cleaning application. The New design provides safety and comfort during use and highlights the product’s superior quality. The MMg is available as a scrubber-sweeper, scrubber & orbital machine with a choice of cleaning systems to clean any hard floor surface. 

Fimap MMg ride on Scrubber Dryer

Quality & Design

The machine looks great to look at and will enhance any cleaning space, but when you take a closer look at the MMG design you see the robustness. The materials used in the design add to the quality of the machines rounded shaped designed to protect main components such as the squeegee and scrubbing system from damage to keep the value of your investment over time.

The entire outer structure of the machine is made from high density sturdy and robust polyethylene, to absorb minor knocks and impacts through the integrated bumpers. The low centre of gravity ensures stability and safety when in use particularly on bends and ramps.

Fimap MMg Scrubber Dryer hire

Comfort for the operator

The ergonomic cockpit for the operator optimises freedom of movement and visibility for maximum operator comfort and safety.

The design of the front maximises room for the legs and brings the steering wheel closer to the operator making the machine completely comfortable for the operator even on extended use.

The overall compact dimensions of the machine still offers impressive space for the feet within the footrest zone with simple pedal configuration for ease of use.

iD - intelligent Drive

Driving system with touchscreen display that transforms cleaning into a revolutionary experience.
The 5-inch high definition colour display works just like a smartphone with all functions intuitive and simple to use. The MMG iD system allows for total customisation for any type of cleaning environment with extreme simplicity.

MMG Ride on Scrubber Dryer - Video

Key Features & benefits of the MMg Ride-on Scrubber

  • iD-intelligent Drive allows to manage all machine functions through a touch screen panel: makes it easy to drive and provides the best cleaning results 
  • Eco Mode device reduces noise level and saves energy, water and detergent
  • FSS Saves water & detergent use to 50% (optional)
  • FLR- Fimap Long range, recycling system using up to 70% less chemical use
  • Power Mode increases scrubbing effectiveness in heavy duty cleaning tasks
  • Side Brush to improve results along walls and edges to increase productivity by 15%
  • High performance on ramps thanks to rear drive transaxle.
  • Safety & Comfort are ensured by lowered footboard with wide legroom space
  • Optional light pack for night time cleaning in low light areas
  • Yellow colour coding for maintenance, to make it easier and faster for the operator
  • Rear view camera to keep cleaning performance and impact damage under control without taking your eyes of the direction of travel
  • Built in bumper protection on all sides of the machine for reduced maintenance and ownership costs

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