Floor Cleaning Machines For The Workplace.

Need a floor cleaning machine? Let us help you find the right solution.

Discover a wide range of floor cleaner machines that include dry steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, industrial sweepers, floor buffers and pressure washers designed to tackle any kind of cleaning task, from the North West's cleaning machine experts.

We understand your company's cleaning needs are unique, from creating a safer working environment, promoting a better company image or reducing the cost of keeping your facility productive and clean, our cleaning machines and aftercare packages meet the modern cleaning challenges faced across industry.

If you're an operations manager needing to improve cleaning efficiencies to keep your facility safe, our cleaning machines, service plans and operator training programs offer you valuable industrial solutions.

For procurement teams, we can demonstrate the full value of our cleaning equipment, allowing you to evaluate what our products and services deliver way past the initial purchase price. Helping you consider what the life expectancy will be, and how to maximise peak performance, gives you a true picture of how to get the most value from your machine for floor cleaning tasks around your workplace.

Building Service Contractors & Facilities Managers, benefit from quality cleaning machines that provide high cleaning standards and consistently perform to help you keep your customers facility to the optimum cleaning and hygiene standards. Having easy to use cleaning machines supported with operator training programs and service plans, reduces the risk of increased machine downtime and high operating costs. Facilities managers and BSC's trust us to provide maximum machine uptime and manage their fleet, allowing them to concentrate on their core business tasks.

NWCS are your "One Source" for a complete cleaning machine solution across the North West.
Benefit from buying or hiring all your cleaning equipment and servicing needs from one local company, here to help you reduce your cleaning costs and ensure we will 'make a big difference' delivering you the best customer service experience in the region.

Our range of flooring cleaning machines include; Industrial Floor Cleaners with a walk behind and ride on floor cleaner to tackle any type of hard floor including the impressive i-mop scrubber dryer. Industrial a commercial steam cleaners, hot and cold pressure washers, floor polishers and floor buffers with a large stock of new and secondhand floor cleaners, ideal for  use in commercial, retail, healthcare, education, leisure and industrial applications.

Benefit From Our Cleaning Equipment
  • Keep your cleaning team up and running smoothly with tough durable cleaning machines 
  • Make it easy for your operators with simple to use machines 
  • Reduce Maintenance costs & machine downtime with reliable machines and built in service support
  • Reduce the total cost of cleaning by offsetting labour costs with productive cleaning equipment
  • Improve the Health and Safety of your facility with the right cleaning solutions
  • Improve your company image
  • Improve cleaning efficiency with chemical metering systems, on board operator training programs, zero chemical systems, and the latest fleet management software built into our Fimap Scrubber dryers.

Industrial Floor Sweepers

Walk Behind & Ride On Sweepers

Used Cleaning Machines

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Fimap Scrubber Dryers

Walk Behind & Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Lavor Scrubber Dryers

Walk Behind & Ride On Scrubber Dryers

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Pressure Washers

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Industrial Steam Cleaners

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