Push Sweeper - BSW 651 M only £374.99 + VAT with free UK delivery

£ 374.99 

The Ideal machine for indoor & outdoor sweeping.

a maintenance free sweeper


Cleaning of terraces, porches, patios and other surfaces-cleaning of swimming pools-Driveways, patios and entrance-garden furniture-barrels, drums and containers-cars, motorcycles, caravans, bikes-Gutters, drain channels-gates, walls of enclosure-Cleaning boats and personal watercraft-Draining basements, tanks, swimming pools, ponds-garden, to irrigate the garden, Park


Floors-carpets-Radiators-activity Waste - do-it-yourself-Cleaning pellet stoves, fireplaces and barbecue-Glazed-tile, sanitary ware-armchairs and sofas-wall, wallpaper-Garage

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