Cleaning Machine Refurbishment

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Get the Most value out of your cleaning equipment

Are you faced with current economic challenges, and looking at every way to drive out costs within your business?

Many companies are desperate to minimize costs without losing operational effectiveness within their business. When it comes to safety, compliance and maintaining a good company image, floor cleaning is an essential part of this process.

One way of achieving this when looking at your companies cleaning costs is to consider refurbishing your existing floor cleaner and get it back as good as new, at a significantly reduced capital outlay of new floor cleaning equipment.

We can offer to buy your machine to inject some capital and hire it back too you fully refurbished with service included, for better cash flow for your business.

Refurbishing your floor cleaner offers Eco-Friendly benefits too. We dispose of old acid batteries and recycle all plastics and metals in a safe environmentally friendly way - helping to sustain and contribute to our local environment.

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Recycle your floor machines

Refurbish your old machine

from this.......

refurbished floor machine

to this...

reconditioned floor cleaner

Bring them Back to as good as new.

We refurbish all kinds of cleaning machines .

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