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Fimap FS 100 - 120 Large Industrial Ride On Sweepers

FS 100 Fimap Large Ride On Sweeper

The FS 100 and 120 ride on sweepers are durable heavy duty industrial sweepers designed to collect bulky debris and control heavy dust in extreme conditions.

The FS 100 and 120 Ride on sweepers are ideal machines for sweeping large areas in warehousing, car parks, large public areas, manufacturing plants, builders merchants, brickyards and literally anywhere large build ups of dust and debris occur frequently.

FS 100 & 120 Ride on Sweepers are constructed to high quality standards with large powerful dust control vacuums to effectively control large amounts of dust, and a heavy duty sweeping system hydraulically controlled for superior cleaning results in cleaning applications that require high end sweeping performance.

Available in two size options, the FS 100 has a total sweeping width of 135cm with the larger FS 120 having a cleaning path of 155cm. Both models provide class leading productivity capable of sweeping large areas 

You have a choice of power option in 36 Volt heavy battery power for indoor duties, capable of sweeping a total areas of up to 377,000 square feet on a full battery charge. A efficient diesel powered engine on the FS120 B model, designed for large outdoor environments, capable of sweeping areas up to 450,000 square feet per shift. The  Unique Bi-Fuel Version FS 120 Bi-Fuel, is capable of operating on petrol for large outdoor areas and switching to clean LPG power for sweeping large internal areas, ideal for large sites that need both.


User Friendly

The adjustable drivers seat with arm rests positions the operator for optimum comfort, allowing excellent 360 degree visibility for complete driver safety.

Simple control panel detailing machine functions with a built in diagnostic warning system, keep the operator in full control, making for maximum productivity and peak performance on every clean. 

Energy Efficient

36 Volt heavy duty traction batteries provide plenty of energy, with up to 5 hours of continuous sweeping performance. Thanks to the efficiency of the smart electrical control system and the unique low pressure hydraulic sweeping system, designed to use up to 40% less energy than conventional machines in this sector, the FS 100-120 is a class leader. Less energy ensures  FS 100 & 120 battery powered ride on sweepers deliver peak performance and lower maintenance costs.


Maximum Productivity

The FS 100 and 120 Sweepers are fitted with pocket filters offering a large surface area of over 10 sq.m, to offer long lasting sweeping performance, especially in extremely dusty environments where large amounts of dust is present. Filters can be removed without tools for easy maintenance and cleaning. All FS sweepers are fitted with an electrical self cleaning filter shaker to eliminate the need for the manual cleaning by the operator.

Peak Performance

The debris hopper has a large capacity with 400 L on the FS100 and 420 L on the FS 120 model. This allows for maximum productivity and peak performance, due to less emptying and extended sweeping productivity between debris disposals.

A fully hydraulic bin allows the operator to empty the debris into a skip or wheelie bin without leaving the machine to make disposal safe and simple.


Low Maintenance Costs

No tool brush change and self levelling brushes that automatically lower on uneven floor surface and maintain a consistent pressure allow for maximum consumable life and simple replacement carried out by your operator. Simple operator maintenance and clever design help to keep maintenance costs low, helping to reduce the cost of ownership.


The FS 120 Bi fuel provides the flexibility of having a machine capable of running on petrol and LPG independently. This offer total versatility for large cleaning operations where there is a need for indoor and outdoor sweeping, such as logistics companies with large indoor warehousing space and perimeter roadways. The engineer powered ride on sweeper offers lean efficient delivers low running costs in use.

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