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Fimap FS 80 Large Industrial Ride on Sweeper

Large Industrial Ride on sweeper

The FS80 sweeper is a durable heavy duty sweeper built on a box frame around the central brush making it extremely compact for a large sweeper designed for extreme industrial sweeping applications. This makes the FS 80 Ride on sweeper ideal for large area cleaning in warehousing and car parks, and smaller cluttered facilities even narrow aisle racking in high tech logistics companies. The FS 80 Ride on Sweeper is fitted with a large dust control system too effectively control large amounts of dust making it ideal for heavy duty dusty industrial applications where sweeping performance is critical.

Available in 36V heavy duty clean battery power for indoor duties and efficient diesel power for large outdoor environments.

Key Features 

  • Innovative control panel for simple control and ease of use for the operator
  • Powerful Dust filtration system with self cleaning filter system for high performance
  • Patented Unique Low pressure hydraulic system designed to lower energy consumption for longer run times, more productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • Vacuum Turbine hydraulically controlled for consistent high performance & dust control
  • Self floating adjustabing central brush with direct throw sweeping for optimum sweeping performance and bin capacity for extended cleaning between emptying

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