Industrial Steam Cleaners

NWCS Steam Cleaning solutions offer high quality Industrial steam cleaners for sale or rental. When choosing the best industrial steam cleaner for your cleaning operations you have a complete choice of high temperature dry vapour. All our steam cleaning machines are durable industrial portable steam cleaners that will obliterate oils, grease, animal fats, mould, mildew, fungi, listeria and other nasty microorganisms on contact leaving surfaces totally clean and fully sanitised.

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matrix SO4 steam cleaner
Matrix SDV4 Steam Detergent and vacuum cleaner
Matrix SDV8 8Bar Steam Cleaner with Vacuum
Matrix Omega steam cleaner
Matrix Omega 4 & 8 Steam cleaner
Matrix SV 8 Steam and vacuum cleaner

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  • INSTANTLY CLEAN AND DRY SURFACES  - Ready for immediate use and improved bacterial efficiency.
  • HIGH LEVELS OF HYGIENE - An improved antibacterial system, scientifically proven against bacteria such as MRSA
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Steam uses less water and traditional methods and minimal detergents and harmful chemicals.
  • USER FRIENDLY - Easy to use and ergonomic design for minimal training and operator comfort.
  • REDUCE YOUR CLEANING COSTS - Lower water use, less detergent use, lower labour costs make using steam cost effective in all cleaning applications.



The majority of traditional steam cleaning methods are based on the use of water and detergents. The surface will give a clean and shiny image throughout the water that remains on the surface. Detergents ensures the surface smells fresh and clean. HOWEVER, in reality this is very often not the case. The surface may seem clean, but bacteria and dirt stay behind and will duplicate rapidly in a moist damp environment. The deep cleaning effect of steam ensures that bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms are destroyed, even right down into the deepest pores of a polluted surface. Subsequently, the minimal residue left behind by the use of steam can be removed by the simultaneous use of microfibre or vacuum. This way the bacteria will not be able to multiply and the surface becomes instantly hygienically clean.

BENEFITS TO THE ENVIRONMENT - By introducing steam into your daily or periodic cleaning methods will allow you to save on the use of detergents by as much as 90%. The water usage can further be reduced by a further 95%.  ALL THESE COMBINED SAVES YOU MONEY AND PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT AND OFFERS SUSTAINABILITY.