Ride on Industrial Scrubber Dryer - Lavorpro Comfort M / L

industrial ride on scrubber dryer

The Comfort M/L ride on scrubber dryers are designed for use in large facilities such as distribution centres, large manufacturing plants, shopping centres, concourses, train stations, airports & exhibition centres. Powerful scrubbing action with 2 scrub deck widths and triple stage vacuum motors for instantly dry floors offer the best floor cleaning performance on all hard floor surfaces.

Key Features 

  • Large capacity 36V traction batteries for a full shift of cleaning performance
  • Powerful Triple stage vacuum motor for instantly dry floors
  • Speed control for high performance & increased productivity 
  • Super elastic non marking puncture proof types for smooth ride on uneven surfaces
  • Large easy clean our dirty solution tanks to easy cleaning after use
  • Total number protection for lower maintenance costs & extended life expectancy
  • Full safety lighting & reverse warming system for complete operator safety
  • Simply Controls for minimal operator training 

Ideal for all large areas cleaning duties: Large Distribution centres, military bases, shopping centres, manufacturing plants, airports, train stations, exhibition centres, sports stadiums, concourses.

Watch the Lavor Comfort M video:

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