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How to Choose The Right Industrial Cleaning Equipment For Your Company

When deciding on the right floor cleaning equipment to best fit your needs, it is wise to consider advice from a professional cleaning equipment provider that specialises in industrial cleaning machines. There are many choices on the type of cleaning machines and the number of suppliers out there, so choosing the right one can often become a complicated task. It doesn't need to be complicated in finding the right solution.

Having the right cleaning process is often the first mistake we see when visiting a new clients facility to carry out a detailed site survey. In a typical industrial daily cleaning environment such as in warehouses and factories, the vast majority of debris consist of dry dust and soiling deposits that rest on the floors and are carried airborne, resting on pallets, racking and machinery. We see a high proportion of clients dissatisfied with site cleaning standards and levels of customer service from their provider, mainly due to having equipment poorly specified for the cleaning tasks being carried out resulting in poor housekeeping standards.

The biggest mistake we find when looking at sites with dirty floor conditions is observing them using a scrubber dryer without having pre swept the floors first, resulting in wet streaky floors that are unsafe and dirty after cleaning. The most important thing to learn from this situation is to understand the importance of sweeping the floors first, to remove all the dust and debris to avoid these issues. Forgetting to pre sweep floors prior to scrubbing them clean results in potential blockages and maintenance problems on the scrubber dryer machine, leading to expensive unplanned service costs.


Frequently Asked Question : Can we "Sweep & Scrub together" using one machine? ANSWER : Yes 

Our range of walk behind and ride on scrubber dryers are available with " Cylindrical Brushes". This type of scrubber dryer uses twin brushes that roll across the floor surface, cleaning with a sweeping action, putting water down to clean the floors and provide 100% dust control. Any loose dry material is swept and deposited into a tray sitting behind the brushes, collecting all loose debris on the floor. The dirty water drains back onto the floor and is collected by the vacuum squeegee system, leaving floors dry and streak free for optimum cleaning results.

The key consideration when deciding on a cylindrical scrubber dryer to carry out cleaning with one machine, against using a dry sweeper and conventional disk machine, would be based on how much loose material is present on the floor and how bulky the loose debris is on every clean. If the debris is minimal and consists of smaller particles, then a cylindrical scrubber dryer is the most cost effective way of cleaning this type of application, if the size of the debris tray has the capacity to handle the amount of debris present.

For larger facilities, our industrial ride on floor cleaners are equipped to sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass.

When large debris & heavy dust are present on floors needing to be  swept then cleaned using a scrubber dryer, having a dedicated sweeper and scrubber dryer working separately is the most efficient way of cleaning larger floor areas.

Top Tips For Selecting The Right Floor Cleaning Machine

1. Go for the best productivity against lowest machine price. - When looking at the total cost of cleaning, the return on investment you will get from the machine far outways the cost of labour against using a smaller machine.

2. Make sure the equipment offers the best cleaning performance for the worst areas to clean. - Warehouses aren't typically uniformly dirty or clean, some high traffic areas such as the end of racking aisles create more fork lift truck tyre marks and need more down pressure and cleaning chemical to be effective. Having a machine to control the down pressure and chemical needed plus the right selection of brush is vital.

3. Think "Sweep Then Scrub" - If the floors are cluttered with various debris and dust consider if you need a sweeper and a scrubber or if you can opt for a cylindrical brush machine .

4. Operator Safety & User Friendliness - In most busy industrial cleaning applications, getting the operator to clean at quiet times is a popular choice. Making sure your team of cleaners are fully trained to use the machine is vital for site safety. A fully trained operator is also more productive to get the job done safely in less time, saving you money in the process. 

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Cleaning the floors might sometimes be a lower priority for warehouse managers & operations teams operating busy distribution centres and manufacturing plants, but making it a key priority will benefit your business. Maintaining your facility protects you from expensive facility repairs. If it isn't broken then there's no need to fix it is there !
Even if your a business that doesn't get regular visits from important customers, keeping it clean for the unexpected knock on the door can be worth it in the long run. Plus, it is proven that having employees working in the best possible conditions increases morale and productivity, and reduces sickness days caused by dust related viruses and ilness.

According to the UK HSE website, slip and fall incidents account for a high percentage of accidents caused within the workplace, so maintaining a clean safe environment should make sense and be seen as a key component of the efficiency of your operation. (See Link at the bottom of the page)

Ultimately, floor cleaning maintenance within your industrial workplace is vital for the companies overall efficiency and performance. Taking this as a serious part of the companies supply chain and logistics process supporting your company goals, can help deliver results. A good housekeeping policy always wins, and having the right supply partner to help you achieve it, is rewarding for both parties.

We offer professional advice on buying or renting industrial cleaning equipment, fully supported by our service team to deliver outstanding customer service, with  service plans for any kind of machine.

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