How to Clean Concrete Floors

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Concrete is a durable and fashionable material used for floors in many types of applications. When considering how to clean concrete floors indoors, it will consist of sweeping or vacuuming the floors to remove loose debris and dust, together with scrubbing or polishing the concrete floor surface to enhance & protect the surface.
There are many types of concrete floors found indoors, from stamped and polished concrete widely used as a decorative floor surface found in many homes and retail outlets, and smooth sealed concrete used in many types of industrial facilities such as warehousing & manufacturing facilities.

Concrete as a material is porous, and although it is sturdy and hardwearing, concrete can stain and harbour dust and dirt that requires periodic and regular cleaning.

How to clean polished & stamped concrete floors. 

  • Use the correct cleaning equipment & cleaning chemical products to remove dust, dirt, stains and soiling for the best results.
  • Pre Sweep or Vacuum the area using a manual broom or a vacuum cleaner for smaller areas and for larger spaces use a powered floor sweeper to collect dust & debris.
  • Treat any stains such as tyre marks, oils and grease with a tyre mark remover or degreaser to draw the ingrained marks and stains from the microscopic pores of the concrete surface
  • If you have a polished concrete floor with a high polish finish, use a floor scrubber with specialist polishing pads to enhance and protect the surface. This process can be carried out without the use of chemical and provides an easy way of cleaning and maintaining a concrete floor

How to clean warehouse floors.

  • The most critical part of cleaning a warehouse floors is to sweep all debris prior to wet scrubbing the floors - Pre Sweeping to remove dust and debris in a typical warehousing operation is a vital part of maintaining an effective housekeeping regime, most often overlooked when considering “best cleaning practises”.
  • A high percentage of debris in a typical warehouse is dry, gritty material that can be very abrasive in nature and has a big effect on all parts of the operation, such as forklift truck reliability, lighting and ventilation systems issues, even effecting staff health & morale. Sweeping manually using brooms for smaller areas will work plus using powered industrial sweepers for larger areas.
  • Without pre-sweeping, this abrasive debris is both airborne and gets distributed across the whole facility resting on pallets, products and racking. The best method to clean, restore, enhance & protect the natural shine of your concrete floors is to wet scrub and dry the floors removing the soiling present on the surface using a scrubber dryer machine. Having pre-swept floors prior to wet scrubbing will eliminate streaky floors, leave the floors completely safe and dry avoiding slip and fall risks to maintain a clean safe great looking facility after every clean.

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