Hot Water Pressure Washer Range - Lavor Mississippi R XP Pressure Washer diesel electric

The Lavor Mississippi R XP is a compact hot water pressure washer, ideal for quick thorough effective cleaning duties. Light, durable & very powerful, the MISSISSIPPI R XP hot water pressure washer packs a punch for all year round cleaning of paths, walkways, courtyards, workshops, small food processing areas, car dealers, engineering workshops, farmers  & agriculture with great water pressure , flow rate and productivity in a compact unit.

The  Lavor Mississippi R XP comes standard with 3/8” Gun, high & low pressure lance, 030 type nozzle, 8 M high pressure hose, 5m mains power cable with a wide range of accessories available to meet most hot water high pressure cleaning tasks. Please call our pressure washer sales team for more information on our side range of pressure washer accessories to tailor this machine to your exact needs.

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hot water pressure washer Mississippi R XP

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Technical details

  • Max operating pressure  - 130/150 Bar / 1885/2175 psi
  • Flow Rate - 600 l/hr
  • 240V 50Hz Single Phase
  • Max Inlet/outlet water temp - 40 C/90C

Dimensions/ weight: 80 x55h x 83 / 55kg