Industrial Floor Sweepers

Take a look at our range of walk behind & ride on industrial floor sweepers, designed to tackle dust and debris to keep your operation dust free, clean and safe.

  • Efficient, robust  small, mid sized and large range of walk behind and ride on sweepers
  • Ideal for use in busy warehouses, engineering workshops, manufacturing plants, car parks, shopping centres and can be fitted with carpet brushes for use on large carpeted areas in retail, commercial, hospitality, education and leisure facilities.
  • Powerful dust control systems to filter the finest dust particles, with a wide selection of filters, brushes for handling specific types of dust and debris efficiently.
  • Range of Walk behind & Ride on Industrial Sweeper available in petrol, diesel, petrol battery and hybrid power

If you need advice on the best sweeper for your needs, call us on 01942 834132 or contact us by email:

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Fimap Industrial Ride on Sweeper FS80