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Ride on Scrubber Dryer - Fimap MXR Micro Ride on Battery Scrubber Dryer 

MXR small ride on scrubber dryer fimap

Fimap's MXR micro ride on scrubber dryer is one of the most compact and versatile small ride on floor scrubbers available. Narrow enough to fit through a standard UK doorway and over twice as productive as a comparable walk behind floor scrubber it makes it ideal for cleaning professionals looking to reduce cleaning times in retail, commercial and industrial cleaning operations. Fitted with a 50cm (20") brush or pad holder and with less footprint than a walk behind scrubber the MXR is working all over the world in daily cleaning contracts. The MXR is extremely durable and reliable and offers optimum cleaning performance for a compact ride on scrubber dryer.

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Key Features 

  • MXR Compact Ride on Scrubber Dryer is ideal for commercial and industrial use for cleaning areas up to 5,000 sq.m2
  • Up to 4 hours non stop run time
  • Fits through a standard UK doorway making it more manoeuvrable and versatile than a pedestrian scrubber dryer
  • 50% more productive than a walk behind scrubber at the same price range.
  • Eco Mode and Chemical Metering for economical cleaning
  • Colour coded for easy daily maintenance tasks
  • Easy to use & Safe with built in stability and simple controls with minimal operator training
  • Extremely tough and durable with all components located internal of the machine chassis for added protection and lower maintenance costs.
  • Free Site survey and free demonstration across the North West