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Fimap mXL 65 BT Scrubber Dryer

MxL 65 Bt

Fimap MxL 75 Bt Scrubber Dryer

MxL 75 Bt

Fimap MxL 85 Bt Scrubber Dryer

Maxima 50 BTS

Fimap MxL 70 Bts Cylindrical Scrubber Dryer

Maxima 60 BT

Powerful & Durable

Fimap MxL Scrubber Dryers are designed for easy of use and the safety of your cleaning staff, with the power and perfomance to clean the toughest grime from all types of hard floor surfaces.

With multiple machine configurations, the Fimap MxL scrubber dryer can be tailored to your exact cleaning needs with a choice of scrub deck options; conventional disk, cylindrical brush or orbital.

Additionally, the machine has control options; Basic, Pro or Plus offering more accessories and technologies allowing you to build your own machine specification to match your requirements.

Suitable for cleaning supermarkets, shopping centres, the ideal warehouse cleaner, production areas, car showrooms, schools,gyms and engineering workshops

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Service & Connectivity : Technology is good when it solves problems. The MxL's control system can collect data and connect remotely to the local service dealer who can use this information to keep tabs on the status of the machine remotely. This is a huge when it comes to machine efficiency and cost control . So what can this information be used for?

Geographical Location of the Machine: GPS Data can track where the machine's location is to get an engineer to a fault quickly

Usage Data: Shows how the machine is being operated and hold vital information that can be used for training purposes and service levels in real time

Health Status: Helps you know remotely of the condition and health of the machine including the battery levels and what functions are working and reports errors to the Service team remotely

Transparency : Tracks the efficiency of the machine in use to help keep control of running costs, service intervals, minimising downtime and provides real true cost analysis on each machine 

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning : Using less water consumption, less chemical use and reduced energy resources, saves time with better cleaning results per sq.m allowing you to clean more areas using less resources resulting in a cleaner environment.

ECO Mode: Uses less energy, lower water and detergents without compromising cleaning results

START STOP: Cuts off energy to the main functions when the machine stops using less energy within the cleaning cycle, reducing cost and emissions

FLR - Recycles water and detergent within the cleaning process using up to 66% less detergent than conventional cleaning

FSS - Fimap Solution Saver uses water and separately dosed detergent, saving up to 50% on consumption use

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Fimap Mxl Specification sheet

Build your own machine: Basic, Pro & Plus versions with a choice of brush decks to find the exact machine specification and budget for total control and functionality.

Ease of Use: Simple & comfortable to use to save time and money. Machine Video tutorials built into the control panel for training on demand to reduce operator error and machine downtime. Built in options are available such as the on board hose for easy cleaning and the vacuum wand attachment for cleaning under racking and shelves.

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