Fimap Genie XS - Cordless Scrubber Dryer

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Genie XS Scrubber Dryer "on demand 24/7"

The Genie XS is a cordless lithium powered scrubber machine for cleaning small cluttered areas with ease.

Lithium batteries offer quick recharge times making it ideal for targeted cleaning jobs thought out the day. The Genie XS is lightweight too making it easy to carry up stairs, so you can take it wherever you need it.

The compact design and folding handle, means you can store it in a small area, it fits in any small vehicle making it ideal for cleaning contractors to take from site to site for multiple cleaning tasks. 

So Versatile you can use it anywhere.

The clever modern design of the Genie XS and the user friendly functions, make it ideal for use in many types of cleaning applications.

GENIE XS USERS: Gyms, restaurants, care homes, retail outlets, gardening centres, healthcare centres, vets surgeries, dentists, offices, corridors, safety floors.

final Genie XS scrubber dryer

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