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Fimap Gamma Scrubber Dryer 

Fimap Gamma 83 Bt Scrubber Dryer

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Technical Specification

Fimap's Gamma Walk Behind Scrubber was first introduced into the marketplace over 20 years ago. A proven industrial workhorse, suitable for heavy duty cleaning applications of areas up to 6,000 square meters.

The Gamma is available with twin disk brushes with cleaning paths of either 66 cm or 83 cm,  

The machine is powered by 36 volt heavy duty batteries for extended cleaning times between recharging making it ideal for medium to large cleaning areas.

Heavy Duty Scrubbing brushes will aggressively clean the dirtiest of surfaces including concrete and resin floors.

Its powerful 3 stage vacuum motors will leave the floors immediately dry in a single pass, offering the optimum cleaning performance of any large pedestrian floor scrubbing machine.

Simple user friendly machine functions give the operator complete control of maintaining consistent high performance, and makes the machine easy to use with minimal training.

  • Scrub Widths  - 66cm (Gamma66) 83cm (Gamma 83)
  • Squeegee Widths - (66) : 101.5 cm  (83) : 111.50 cm
  • Number of Brushes - 2
  • Power Supply - 36 V heavy duty batteries
  • Solution Tank Capacity - 90L
  • Recovery Tank Capacity - 120L
  • Dimensions (66) L 160cm x H 110cm x W 68cm (83) L 163cm x H 110cm x 85cm

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