The Fimop cordless floor scrubber dryer 

On demand cleaning is becoming more and more popular and the Fimop is the perfect machine to carry out daily mopping duties for cleaner shinier and safer floors, so no more need for dirty mops!

The cordless Fimop is powered by new lithium battery technology for easy and fast recharge anytime, meaning you can use the Fimop "On Demand 24/7".

The Fimop cleans and dries any hard floor making the cleaning results stand out from simple mopping. Removing the dirt and grime mops leave behind will enhance any kind of surfaces such as wood look flooring, tiled floors, stone floors, terrazzo, marble, even anti-slip safety floors look and feelperfectly cleaner after using the Fimop.

Unlike mops your clean water never comes into contact with the dirty water, so the dirty water is never returned to the floor, leaving the surface perfectly clean every time.

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Hygienic Cleaner floors

The principle of using the Fimop is simple and so easy to use.

SCRUBBING - It washes the floor with water & detergent using a specially designed brush with bristles designed to remove even the most stubborn dirt.

SUCTION - It removes the dirty water from the floor with a vacuum that transports the dirty water into a recovery tank.

DRYING - The squeegee makes sure that all the dirty water is collected and leaves the floors instantly dry with zero waiting time as with a mop & bucket. Your floors are clean and safe.