Combination Sweeper Scrubber Dryer - Evotech 650/850 Ride on Cleaning machine

The Evotech 650/850 Combination Sweeper Scrubber Dryer incorporates a unique cleaning system designed for use in industrial & commercial cleaning applications where dust and debris are present with soiling and stains. The unique combined sweeping and scrubbing system sweeps and collects all types of loose debris and dust and sweeps these materials into a hopper bin located behind the brushes. Water solution and cleaning chemical is injected onto the main scrub sweep brushes to effectively remove soiling such as tyre markings from fork lift trucks and liquid spills before the powerful vacuum system at the rear of the machine collects all the dirty solution, filters and deposits into a dirty water tanks behind the operator. This unique combination of sweeping scrubbing and drying is done  in a single pass to offer major benefits to any industrial or commercial cleaning application where time and money are important.

Combination Sweeper Scrubber Video:

Main features & benefits using the Evotech Combination Sweeper Scrubber Dryer

  • Combining sweeping and scrubbing together the Evotech Sweeper Scrubber dryer offers "2 machines in 1" reducing cleaning times by more than 50% in a typical large UK distribution centre or food manufacturing plant.
  • Reducing water usage thanks to the efficiency of the cleaning system provides 100% dust control and extended cleaning times between refills allowing the Evotech to clean more floor area in less time than conventional machines.
  • With a turning radius of only 850mm the Evotech will operate safely in narrow aisle racking applications 
  • Easy control system for minimal operator training
  • Low cost maintenance, durable construction & reliability 

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The Evotech is a unique sweeper scrubber dryer combination ride on machine. Battery powered and ideal for any industrial cleaning application. 

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