FFM is a service that helps cleaning professionals to improve the performance and increase the productivity of their fleet. It offers a compreshensive service in real time of your fleet of cleaning machines to enable you to control the efficiency of your cleaning operation, and provide complete transparency in the reliability of your cleaning machine fleet. FFM details every element of your costs to allow for better management and control of budgets. 

HOW IT WORKS; FFM collects the data sent from the machine and translates that data into valuable information via an app that can be used on any smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or mac, with no software to download. You just simply log into the FFM cloud and have all the tools you need to optimise your fleet based on the actual real time data provided.

The fleets health is constantly monitored to inform you of issues, for example an impact on the cleaning machine. In the event a machine collides with an object a warning is sent immediately by e-mail to inform you with the type of intervention required, in order for you to take action promptly. Our engineer or customer service team will know exactly where the machine is and who is using it at the time of the event, identify remotely any faults logged by the machine to identify the correct action to take, and avoid any unnecessary downtime and costs associated with conventional servicing. With this careful management of your fleet allows for unforeseen events to be contained, highlighting needs such as operator training, and reducing repair times that provide better efficiency and cost savings to your fleet. A more organised cleaning fleet allows you to focus on your core business and ensure the best results are achieved from your cleaning operation to get the most from your investment.

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