Fimap Genie Scrubber Dryers

genie E - Electric | Genie B - Battery (Disk) | GENIE Bs - BATTERY(Cylindrical) 

Genie E - Electric Version

Genie B - Disk Battery Version

Genie Bs - Cylindrical Battery Version

The Genie Scrubber Dryer RANGE 

Simple, effective, proven

The Genie Scrubber dryer range are ideal for small area cleaning on surfaces up to 1,000 sq.m.

Widely used across the world in schools, offices, gyms, restaurants, hair studios, wellness centres, boutiques, bars, medical centres, dental clinics, vets surgeries, care homes, retail outlets, chemists, workshops, butchers, supermarkets, local grocery stores, kitchens, railway stations, etc.

The Genie is the perfect machine for hard surfaces that currently get mopped and manually cleaned and offers long term savings on mopping and much superior cleaning.

The Genie design comes in 3 versions - electric cable disk , battery disk and battery cylindrical roller brush and operates in small confined areas cleaning right into corners and edges.

The principle of the Genie scrubbing machine is simple and offers unrivalled cleaning results than any mopping system provides thanks to the way it cleans. The Genie scrubs the most stubborn dirt off the floor surface, vacuums the dirty water into a separate tank and the squeegee system leaves the floors instantly dry and totally clean with no waiting for floors to dry. If you haven't seen the Genie floor scrubber working, check out the video or contact us today for a free Genie demonstration. Get in touch on 01942 834132 or send us an email.

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Fimap Genie video

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