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To provide the best choice in the North West for companies looking to buy, hire, service, find parts and get expert advice for their cleaning machine needs.

Why NWCS Limited?

Trust & Dependability are the words to sum up how we think at North West Cleaning Solutions. We know that effective communication and the expertise we have supporting our customers, are what makes us unique.  

We also realise that "excellent service and quality products" are the norm in our industry these days, so offering a real difference for our clients is vital.

Our focus on getting it right is by asking our customers how we are doing, and what can we do to make it better for them.

We've been doing business this way for over seven years focusing on delivering our products and services solely to the North West Region.

Our goal is to be the Number One choice cleaning machine company in our area.

Let's see how we can help solve your cleaning machine problems. Call 01942 834132 now to discuss your requirements.

NWCS offers you flexibility in having the right choices for your cleaning equipment requirements whether its buying, hiring or repairing, we can tailor something to suit your needs. 

We provide detailed site surveys to analyse your cleaning needs, identifying problems and opportunities to design the best solution for your individual requirements. Our recommendations are supported with free site demonstrations ensuring all equipment meet's your satisfaction prior to making those important decisions.

Jason Atherton, Managing Director at NWCS states the company's priority 

"We have a lot of experience getting it right for our customers, helping them create clean and safe facilities. Our reputation is built on strong long lasting relationships with quality suppliers and doing the best we can for every client that needs us. Having a wide choice of cleaning equipment backed by a dedicated team of customer service personnel with a customer first attitude, allows us to enjoy a happy working environment. We welcome anyone to come along and see the NWCS Difference!"

North West's FIMAP Cleaning Equipment Authorised Dealers

Offering the latest in cleaning technology and innovation with patented cleaning systems for ultimate cleaning results. Italian engineered in Fimaps world class state of the art manufacturing facility, fully supported across the region with equipment, service, parts and technical support.

Exclusive UK dealer for LAVORWASH 

Direct support from LAVORWASH, a full range of cleaning machines, and expert technical support. NWCS are fully equipped with the knowledge and professionalism to handle any type of cleaning equipment requirement across the area. Free demonstrations and site surveys.

Authorised dealers for TOMCAT Heavy Duty Cleaning Machines 

Built in the USA, TOMCAT make the toughest, best engineered, highest value machines in the industry. Backed by factory trained engineers and UK spare parts stockholding owning a TOMCAT machine is a long term investment designed to provide years of superior cleaning results and reliability. 

I-mop hire partner. Hire or Rent for short or long term

 Rent or Hire the i-mop with our flexible hire plans to meet your exact requirements. NWCS offer short or long term lease hire options with service built in offering a fixed cost rental solution. Get your i-mop quote for an affordable solution.

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