How To Clean All Types Of Floor Surfaces 

Every building on the planet has floors that need cleaning. Here's some tips on getting the best results on various types of hard floors and carpets.

Your Company Image Counts

The Challenges : 

  • A dirty floor gives a bad first impression, but we haven't got the budget to spend to keep them clean or the time to do it.
  • Different floor surfaces need different ways to clean and we don't know what the best products and methods are to clean them right.
  • We have so much high traffic that there are constant hazards such as slips and falls due to high build up of soiling but we haven't got the time to give them the right attention.

Simple Solutions :

  • A really simple daily maintenance clean that ensures all floors are kept to a high standard, means the minute anyone walks through your door takes notice Customers can't help but see a company who cares, and employees coming to work motivated from doing their job in a clean safe environment.
  • The right floor cleaning method will help to protect your investment for many years to come and ensure a great company image.
  • Selecting the right cleaning products to get the best results ensures complete safety and compliance. 
  • A sustainable cost effective cleaning regime helps the environment and improves many things in your business. Better productivity, reduced facility maintenance costs, employee moral, satisfied customers.

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Types Of Flooring & Best Cleaning Methods

Chances are you have various types of flooring that needs cleaning throughout your facility. From walking through your front door, you might have shiny terrazzo or marble flooring in your reception area, then walk into your offices with tiled carpets. Your warehouse or manufacturing area has painted resin coated or concrete floors. The non slip floors in your washrooms have both Altro type non slip vinyl with tiled grouted floors in your toilet area. Then in the boardroom you have some laminate wooden look floors, so what's the best way of keeping them all clean and safe every day.  We have paid attention in more detail on the different type of floors listed below, offering simple manual cleaning methods and mechanical cleaning methods, to give you as much advice we can to help you achieve the results you want for you're floors. Each type of floor surfaces require different floor care needs, so make sure you know what type of floor surface you have before deciding on how to clean it.

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Best Ways To Keep Carpets Clean

Frequent vacuuming is required for carpets. The frequency of cleaning would be based on the amount of foot traffic to keep on top of dust and debris. In environments such as meeting rooms with less traffic, vacuuming once or twice a week would work. In busier workplaces such as hotels, schools, universities and hospitals, a daily vacuum would work best.  Using a professional vacuum cleaner regularly removes fine dust particles and loose debris,  helping to protect the carpet fibres and extend the life of the carpet. Removing soiling and stains from the carpets can be carried out manually by using  carpet stain remover or carpet extraction cleaner mixed with water using a hand brush for spot cleaning small stains such as wine or coffee spills. For carpets. in larger areas that become dirty through dirt, oils or grease, using a professional carpet cleaning machine with chemical injection and powerful vacuum pick up helps to extract the dirt from the carpet fibres and leave the carpets much dryer. 

Best Ways To Clean Floor Tiles & Grout

There are many different types of floor tiles used in commercial and industrial facilities. Some are gloss finished, some satin finish and made from different materials such as stone, clay and terrazzo. All tiled floors should be swept first either manually with brooms, or by a push along sweeper or ride on sweeper depending on the size of the floor area. Mopping with a general purpose floor cleaner detergent using a mop is the simplest way of cleaning. For higher traffic floor tile surfaces that require deeper cleaning to remove heavy soiling, floor cleaning machines that scrub the floor tile and recover the dirt with a built in vacuum is better for floors requiring regular cleaning and better Hygeine standards as they are able to clean the grout much more effectively. 

Best Ways To Clean Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are present in a wide variety of applications. Cleaning polished concrete floors that are smooth should be vacuumed first then mopped using a neutral floor cleaner mixed in water. For highly polished concrete floors using floor polishers or scrubber dryers with special diamond pads can protect and enhance the floor surfaced keep the high natural shine on the floors. Cleaning concrete floors found in industrial facilities such as warehousing and distribution centres and manufacturing plants should be swept using mechanical industrial sweepers with dust control to remove find dust and light to heavy debris. Removing heavy soiling marks such as fork lift tyre markings from industrial floor surfaces require industrial floor scrubbers and industrial cleaning detergent to scrub and dry the floors leaving them safe to operate machinery such as materials handling equipment.

Best Ways To Clean Laminate & Hard Wood Floors

Both wood and laminate floors require careful floor care. Using less water and floor cleaning detergent is vital for these type of floors as water can penetrate the seams and get under the surface and lift the laminate or wood. Regular sweeping or vacuuming will help to enhance and protect the surface by removing dust and debris that can be abrasive and scratch the surface. Care must be taken when mopping using a damp microfibre cloth. The best way for larger spaces would be to use a professional floor scrubber dryer designed to put a small controlled amount of solution on the floor surface and recover it with a powerful built in vacuum to leave the floors completely dry immediately after use.

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