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Commercial Steam Cleaners

Our commercial Steam Cleaning Machines deliver dry steam under pressure at a temperature of up to 170 degrees Celsius, and use minimal water due to the evaporation levels when using dry steam.
Our range of Matrix steam cleaners are ideal for a wide variety of commercial cleaning tasks, with steam cleaners with built in vacuums ideal for carpet cleaning.
Our steam cleaners also come with steam detergent and vacuum built in ideal for use in kitchens, walls and floors with a wide range of accessories to carry out different steam cleaning tasks on any kind of surface.

Benefits of Using Dry Steam
  • Eco friendly method of cleaning due to reducing detergent use and less water usage.
  • Delivers dry steam at high temperature and pressure to kill bacteria in hard to reach areas & surfaces
  • Effectively removes visible dirt and grime off surfaces and reduces the mess left behind by residues
  • The perfect simple way to sanitise any hard to reach surfaces 
  • Hygienically cleans any kind of surface in a fast efficient manner
  • Eliminates excessive water use in comparison to wet pressure washing systems 
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Select Your Commercial Steam Cleaner

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Matrix SO 8 Steam Cleaner
Steam Only 8 Bar
Matrix SV4 Steam Cleaner
Steam & Vacuum 4.5 Bar
Matrix SV8 Steam Cleaner
Steam & Vacuum 8 Bar
Matrix SDV4 Steam Cleaner
Matrix SDV8
Steam Detergent & Vacuum 8 Bar

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