Car Valeting Equipment 

Tried and tested car valeting equipment from NWCS.
Carrying out professional car valeting requires more than a few buckets and sponges. For many cleaning professionals in the automotive industry its all about bringing cars back to showroom standards inside and out.
Sometimes a greater valet can make huge difference and. your only as good as the tools you have to get to these hight standards.
NWCS have developed a top quality range of car valeting equipment to get the best results from every valet and provide years of reliability in the process.
Check out our range of car valeting equipment and see the difference.
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Car Valeting The Exterior 

Steam Cleaners  - Widely used for tasks such as engine cleaning where using. less water to remove oils and greases is much more effective than using pressure washers that aren't ideal for use around electrical components. Using a dry steam cleaner can also work with little or no chemical and leave the engine compartment clean and dry in a matter of minute without causing any damage to the sensitive engine components. Steam Cleaners can also be used for the bodywork as an alternative to hot pressure washers when there are potential pollution concerns near water systems or rivers.

Cleaning Detergents -  Choosing the right cleaning soaps and detergents can make a huge difference for getting the best valeting results. Our range of car valeting chemicals are effective and kind to the environment.

Pressure Washers - Our professional line of cold and hot water jet washers are equipped with a wide choice of accessories to help clean all external parts of the vehicle. Lances with variable pressure control, detergent metering systems and a choice of nozzles can help get any car exterior cleaned in no time, making the job easier in the process

Car Valeting The Upholstery

Vacuum Cleaners - The first step in getting a sparking car interior is to vacuum the dust and debris through the vehicle. Having a suitable wet & dry vacuum cleaner with the right tools will ensure every last inch of the car is dust and debris free.

Upholstery Carpet Cleaners - Once the interior is clear of dust and surface debris, deep cleaning carpets in footwells and upholstery on the seats is best achieved using a carpet upholstery cleaning machine with extraction. Applying either a fine mist of cleaning solution or creating a foam barrier will provide the best results for removing dirt, stains and odours from the carpet and upholstery and leave the car sparklingly clean. Having a machine with powerful vacuum to extract the wet solution from all surfaces will quickly leave the seats dry after cleaning, a great benefit to keep the line of vehicles down and customers happy. 
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